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In order to have access to our live virtual trainings you need to subscribe for our service. All monthly plans come with 7 days "love it or leave it" trial period and you will get a message reminder to unsubscribe if you decide not keep your subscription

Go to studio before class

To join the daily class you need to have active membership and to visit . it is highly recommended to join 5 min. earlier to set up all technical detail and mute your microphone during the training.

Connect your camera and microphone

It is not required to have your camera on during training but if you would like to have feedback from our trainer or just to make it a bit more friendlier and cozy we strongly suggest you leave it on.

Give your best and leave feedback

We want to give you the best online training experience and communication is vital for making this successfully. After the workout you will have the opportunity to rate it and give us feedback on how to improve our service.

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What equipment do you need?

Yoga mat

One thing that always stays relevant and needed is the yoga mat. Since many of the moves are performed on the ground or in laying position it would be best to have some cushioning. Alternatively you can use a thick carpet or even a blanket.

2x2m free space

You will need 4 square meters of free space to perform the workout. You can make some by temporarily move your furniture around - just for the workout. If there is a rug or carpet under you please make sure it is not slippery so we don't risk it to slide under you during some moves.

Mobile device & WiFi

Since this is virtual workout you will need some kind of computer device like mobile phone, tablet laptop or PC/Mac and stable internet connection with at least 2 mbps speed. (If you can watch YouTube - you can take our classes)

Lets make the best out of it!

There are some simple but practical rules for attending the classes that will help us get the most out of our experience.

  • Show on time

    Virtual trainings are in fact real meetings and the real value is in going through the whole process together - as a team! Showing on time is a great way to show respect and support for the group and to clear out any technical issues before the workout starts!

  • Mute during workout

    Let's be honest it's a bit frustrating to have a dog barking through the mic while you try to stretch and meditate. On the other hand if the music is a bit louder many times there is music howling. At best keep your mic on mute during the session and unmute only if you want to speak or after the music is off.

  • Keep the trainer aware

    If you feel any abnormal physical discomfort during workout please make sure you inform the trainer or someone in the group for the issue so they can take action.

  • Leave feedback

    We are constantly learning and improving and you are the most important part of this process! We have a very short poll after every class that will help us improve the experience for everyone. It is entirely up to you if you want to share, but we strongly encourage you to do it so we can develop and grow and give you better and better experience.

  • Become an ambassador

    The reason we choose live training over prerecorded videos is because everything is better when we do it together with friends! If you want to become an ambassador of our studio and society please spread the word and give us a hand while we grow. Every kindness must be acknowledged, so In return you will get a very special offer to have and to share. Learn more about our Ambassador program here: link

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