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Xibrid retreat

workation & sport

Hotel Maliovitsa | 06 - 08 September '23

What is Xibrid Retreat?

Xibrid Retreat™ is an organized teambuilding event in the country side of Bulgaria for those who seek relief from their everyday chores in a more active and healthy manner

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Destination for this retreat

Maliovitsa Hotel

“Malyovitsa Hotel is a modern year-round hotel located at an altitude of over 1750 meters above sea level, adjacent to the ski slopes and with breathtaking views of Malyovitsa Peak. Clean air, centuries-old pine forests, challenging slopes and beautiful walks will contribute to your recharging and unforgettable holiday both in winter and summer.”

workation & sport Program





✓ 3/4 Nights in 4 star Hotel  (B&B)
 6 or 8 workouts (depending on stay)
✓ Spa
✓ Kids activities (some have additional cost – others are free)
✓ Kids room (free)

✕ Transport
✕ Insurance
✕ Dinner

✓ Included

✕ Not included

*All activities are not mandatory! If you just feel like you need an adventure and a road trip… well – we are not gonna drag you screaming and kicking to the gym! 😉

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How fit should I be to join?

There is no threshold for fitness – this is not a military training. Our primary objective is to have fun and you can take it your own pace. Our trainers always make sure to adapt training according to the fitness level of the group and if you feel like overwhelmed you can just catch your breath without being judged!

Can I take my family and friends if they don't train?

Sure you can! Everyone can join our retreat! If more than one person is not going to take part of the trainings, you will get 10% discount on the reservation wired back to you after the event has finished.

Can I get a refund if something unpredictable happens?

Yes you can! You can full refund if you cancel within 10 days before event start and 50% back if you cancel within 3 days. No shows do not get refunded! You can also find someone to take you place with similar reservation even in the last minute and send us a notice with information for the swap via the messaging bubble of our website (lower left corner).

How do I pay?

After finishing reservation you will receive a confirmation mail with instructions for payment.

Are kids allowed?

They are not only allowed – they are warmly welcomed! We believe in education by example and there is no better way to show our kids that there is nothing more important than taking care of our health and communicating with nature!

Do I need any specific equipment?

You need outdoor and indoor trainers, plus sports clothes you can feel comfortable in while sweating. All other equipment will be provided by our team. You can also bring with you – sun protection and anti mosquito lotions if you have specific requirements or brands in mind. 

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